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The Spreadsheet Consultant, LLC.

Mission: To provide business owners and decision makers with a quality spreadsheet solution at an AFFORDABLE cost, maximizing business process efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line.
Let's face it, today's business environment is more technologically advanced than ever before.  Business leaders are demanding more and more information to make healthy business decisions.  From data analysis and organization to formula auditing and what-if scenarios, we utilize Microsoft based products to give you the tools you need to keep up with today's business environment at an AFFORDABLE cost.
How we can help you:
  • Need a report built from a bunch of raw data?
  • Need to organize customer information?
  • Would sales by product/customer/location be valuable?
  • Need a report template?
  • Need help with a pesky formula that isn't working the way you expected?
  • How about an analysis that allows you to input key assumptions and generates conclusions?
  • Need KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)?
  • Forecasting?  Budgeting?  P&L?
Rates start at $35 per hour, with billing in 15 minute increments if needed.  Let us help you with your tedious excel work, no job is too small.  We can also help with Microsoft Word, Access & Powerpoint.  Contact us today for a free quote!

We accept payments through Paypal and checks!

*Please refer to disclosure page prior to the start of the project.

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