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Terms & Conditions:

The Spreadsheet Consultant, LLC. will be referred to as T.S.C. throughout the remainder of this disclosure.

Project Disclosure:
  1. Client will have ultimate responsibility in approving any recommendations or results provided by T.S.C.
  2. Client will have ultimate responsibility in confirming the accuracy of both information and data processes provided to T.S.C.  Client will have ultimate responsibility in confirming & approving accuracy of resulting output (data, analyses, or otherwise) provided by T.S.C.
  3. Client is responsible for complying with and determining any permits, taxes, licenses, duties, laws, regulations, legal or contractual requirements resulting from the services T.S.C. provides.
  4. The purchase and installation of additional hardware and/or software is the sole responsibility of the client.
  5. T.S.C. cannot be held responsible for the quality and/or the integrity of the source data provided by Client.
Payment Terms:
  1. Client shall be billed upon project completion.  Payments shall be received within 15 days of invoice date.  Interest shall be charged at a rate of 1.5% per month on outstanding balances.  Any sales or use taxes arising out of services provided to Client shall be the responsibility of the Client.
  1. All information provided by Client to T.S.C. will remain confidential within a reasonable and appropriate manner.  T.S.C. will not reproduce or distribute Client's information or resulting output provided by T.S.C. without written consent of the Client.
  1. Client will provide notification of any non-compliance of output provided by T.S.C. within 30 days of receipt.  If Client fails to notify T.S.C. within 30 days, then output shall be considered accepted by client.
  1. T.S.C.'s total liability shall not exceed the fees T.S.C. receives for completion of the project related to the liability, or include any incidental damages or losses to include lost profits or opportunities pertaining to business, customers or otherwise.
  1. Client shall reimburse T.S.C.'s owners and personnel against any and all costs and liabilities associated with any third party claim relating to T.S.C.'s services and deliverables.
  2. Client shall not disclose to a third party or quote publicly to the services and output provided by T.S.C.  T.S.C. shall retain all rights and interest in any and all project outputs provided to Client as they relate to processes, methods, techniques, ideas and know-how.
Client shall agree to the terms and conditions disclosed on this page prior to services rendered by T.S.C.  Client understands that T.S.C. provides a consulting service intending to improve, simplify and/or maximize efficiency of business processes and information with the use of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft applications as defined by Client.  All deliverables provided to Client by T.S.C. are ultimately contingent upon the Client's responsibility for approval, validation and acceptance for use for Client's business decisions.
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